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We want your student to succeed.
100% of rental payments apply toward purchase.
Accessories for all your needs.
Private lessons.
No obligation to buy.
Discount off contract balance for purchasing instrument.
Educator approved instruments.


Rental Pricing


Per month

Clarinet, Flute,
Percussion Bell Kit,
Viola, Violin


Per month



Per month

Alto Sax
Cello, Tenor Sax
French Horn
Baritone Horn

Upright/ Double Bass instruments available in limited quantities and available seasonally. Please Inquire here!


The instrumental rental program Guitars Etc offers is superb to other nearby offers. From the higher quality beginner instruments, buyout program, and complimentary lessons, Guitars Etc is who I recommend for all of our school's instrumental needs. Guitars Etc offers important peace of mind, flexible rent-to-own options and many extraordinary teachers on all instruments. I am thankful for the relationships, service and products Guitars Etc faithfully provides for myself and Rocky Mountain Christian Academy.

– Luke Gray ~ Rocky Mountain Christian Academy

I enjoy the services provided by Guitar’s Etc. They make it easy for students to rent instruments at competitive prices. Their in-store lesson studio is fantastic. They also have a wide selection of music and accessories for all instruments.

–Mrs. Rubin ~ Mead Middle School

It’s one thing for a music store to sell quality instrument to students, but it’s another to help students be successful at their musical endeavors. Guitars Etc. goes beyond making sure students have quality instruments but also follows up with quality instruction to help students be successful at their respected instrument. These instructors not only explain to students how to make characteristic sounds but also how to maintain and take care of these instruments. I’m thankful that Guitar’s etc. considers the whole package in terms of student’s music success.

– Doug Carmichael ~ Erie High School

Guitars, Etc. has a reputation for having a fantastic instrument rental program and it is even more phenomenal that their rental service includes complementary classes throughout the summer. Todd and his staff provide excellent customer service and their passion for music is evident. I highly recommend Guitars, Etc. for all your music needs.

– Zach Garcia ~ Thunder Valley K-8

The folks at Guitars, Etc. in Longmont are all excellent. The store is located at 460 Main St. in Longmont. They provide excellent customer service. They also have an excellent rent-to-own program so that you can purchase an instrument over a relatively short period of time. P.S. You guys are doing an outstanding job with your rental program! Man, talk about giving increased value to our students!! Fantastic!!!”

–Gerry Sutton ~ Coal Ridge Middle School

Rent to Buy Brand Name Instruments
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